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22 Inch Silicone Tapered Hose

Sku: AG513-Large

How many inches can you take? Test your limits and enjoy up to 22 inches of deep reach from this Large Tapered Silicone Hose! The flexible nature is forgiving on your insides as you navigate through your deepest parts, while the tapered tip makes it easy to insert. The gradual taper is gentle on the entrance of your hole while still providing the satisfying fill you need!
The strong suction cup base secures this Hose to any smooth and flat surface - perfect for the bathroom, but usable in any room with a mirror or flat even floors. Each inch is etched on the surface of this velvety shaft, allowing you or your lover to set goals with each session so you can visibly expand your limits.

Measurements: Overall length 24 inches, insertable length 22 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.8 inches, narrowest diameter 0.6 inches.

Material: Silicone.

Color: Black.